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Todd M. Kaylor: You Have Permission to Tell on Yourself

April 29, 2019


Todd Kaylor talks about talent acquisition, people-development, and boiling things down to learn more about candidates. How do candidates fail? How do they recover? Do current employees enjoy collaborating with candidates while they’re in the office? For Todd, It’s not all about who finishes first. Check out this episode to learn how to be authentic as an interviewee and strategic as an interviewer.

About our guest:

Todd Kaylor, Director of Talent Acquisition at LogMeIn, has 20 years’ of experience in Sourcing, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Acquisition Management including stints in the Network Consulting, Staffing, Finance, Environmental, and Software industries. Todd currently manages a global team of 10 recruiters responsible for technical hiring at LogMeIn while also running the Executive Recruitment Program and In-Factor Evaluation Process. He enjoys boxing, weight lifting, baseball, watching sports and movies, and has an unusually strong, if borderline questionable, affinity for Captain America.