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The Persepctive of Revenue

October 24, 2019


As a lecturer at Harvard Business School, Ryan's guest Mark Roberge’s teaching style mimics the values that the school holds. At Harvard Business School, the focus is put on great teaching, rather than the typical priority of high profile schools:  research.

Harvard accepts only the top 1/3 of professor (?) applicants - go below, and you’re out. Roberge is  humbled to be included in the group of HBS lecturers. Harvard emphasizes continuous learning and has established a team  of teachers teaching teachers. They review lecture films, like a sports team does for past performances, and then give each other feedback in order to improve. Learning to teach well is not  unlike learning any craft - such as sales. 

In this episode we'll dive into how Roberge’s experience at Harvard  applies to his current company, Stage 2 Capital. Mark throws himself completely into each entrepreneurial adventure, and this is no different.  The World was missing a venture capital firm that is run and backed by heads of sales and marketing — and Mark stepped up to fill that gap. Stage 2 and Mark's mission is to help entrepreneurs through the perspective of revenue. Tune into the latest Road Warrior Radio episode to learn more about Mark’s journey to where he is today.


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