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Insatiable Curiosity

September 18, 2019


Ryan interviews Neil Berkeley. Many people know his work - you can check out Future You Media. He’s a storyteller. That’s his “10,000 hours” skill. He fell in love with storytelling with his first project. He knew this is his place in life. Neil has interviewed artists, comedians, heroes, writers and many interesting and unusual people. He has the ability to figure out what resonates with an audience, and empathy is a huge part of his decision-making process of what stories to tell. Listen to this episode to learn what insatiable curiosity means to him, the two things he desires in anyone who works with him, with his friends.

You will not want to miss this conversation filled with inspiring insights and observations.

About Neil Berkeley:

Neil Berkeley, the owner of Future You Media, is an Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker whose work has focused on telling unexpected and enlightening stories about some of the visual and performing arts' most unique characters. His first film is the critically acclaimed, Beauty Is Embarrassing, which chronicles the life and times of fine artist Wayne White (Pee-wee’s Playhouse). Premiering at SXSW in 2012, it was also featured on PBS Independent Lens. His second feature, Harmontown, is the story of self-destructive television writer Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) as he tours the country after being famously fired from the sitcom darling he created. In 2017 Berkeley released his third feature, Gilbert: A Gilbert Gottfried Story, an intimate portrait of legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Berkeley’s most recently show-ran Inside Jokes for Amazon, a six-part series that tells the intimate story of a group of young comedians as they prepare for Just For Laughs New Faces Showcase. A graphic designer by trade, Berkeley created the visual identity for shows including Project Runway, Top Chef, Nailed It and more. 


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