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Cheryl Horner McDonough: No One Knows What You Want Unless You Tell Them.


Through her work creating documentaries for MTV, Nat Geo, and Netflix, Cheryl Horner McDonough has learned some important lessons about creating the career you want. As she puts it: “There’s no career fairy godmother.” If you want something, you need to speak up and make it happen. In this episode of Road Warrior Radio, Cheryl joins Sales VP Ryan L. Ball to talk about taking risks, asking for what you want and, of course, her life on the road.

Cheryl Horner McDonough is a two-time Emmy Award winner for her work on MTV’s youth-oriented True Life series and the documentary special Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. She received a third Emmy nomination for her independent documentary film "Bean."

Cheryl is the recipient of multiple PRISM awards for documentary specials about drug addiction, two Front Page Awards, and a Peabody Award for her work on an MTV sexual health campaign.

In 2001 she founded Gigantic! Productions which has produced award winning documentaries, unscripted series, and news specials for 17 years.

Cheryl created the Netflix original series Marching Orders which debuted in 2018. She was the Series Director for Katie Couric’s six part Nat Geo series America Inside Out, and she is currently directing and producing a feature-length documentary film about the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Cheryl Horner McDonough lives in Manhattan with her husband Bart McDonough and their three teenage children.


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